Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Websites

Check out our Main Web site for our event it has the most updated information of our event all the time, with dates and what is going on all the time.
Check out our Web sites, we have lots of information there and more pictures.

Monday, November 12, 2012

We have several confirmed Crafters and Artist

Our show at 116 E. Williams Rd., Columbus Ohio 43207 on Saturday December 8th, 2012 is going well. 
We have a few Artist and Crafters who have confirmed that they will be there. So I wanted to post their web
pages and information so you could check them out.
We have confirmed with contracts so far:
Namiste Beads: Hand Crafted Jewelry
Namiste Beads busy making items...
...for our event.

The Jewelled Cat : Hand Crafted Jewelry
The Jewelled Cat variety of items.

Marcus Alan Designs: Hand Crafted Candles
Choose from Marcus Alan's many wonderful scents like Pumpkin Spice, Cashmere, Firewood, Hazelnut Coffee and more.
Lucinda's Designs: Hand Crafted Wearable Items

Carols Christmas n More: Hand Crafted Art n Jewelry
AbstractAnnie: Hand Crafted Stained glass, flame bead and more

the rings...
Each of..

is made unique..

and with wire, so it will last.

The Buckeye Kids: Hand Made Art of Unique Beauty.
Others who have expressed interest and we are waiting for their contracts. So once we have those we can add them. Let make this a great event and raise lots of money to help these great causes.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Very first Bazaar at German Village, 7yrs ago.

Our Holiday Bazaar this year 
will be held at 116E. William's Rd., Columbus, OH
Saturday December, 8th, 2012 from 9am to 4pm
This is a Charity Event to Raise money for NCMCC
St. Paul's Food Pantry and the Buckeye Ranch. 
  If You are a crafter or artist and want to participate in this event please contact us at We will be glad to give you information on the event.
We had lots of space, for lots of wonderful Arts and Crafts

We had exclusive pieces of art from California and...

right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Pieces donated by several local artist, willing to help with our auction.

We had wonderful food, and a wonderful helper who without their tireless work the event would not have happened. Thank you Brian, you were our heart behind the scenes.

We had Jake, Chris and all those who participated and set up.

We had soap, candles, so many items, all hand made.

We had Byron and Steve who were a great help, first thing in the morning right after set up, "Is the coffee ready yet?"

Thursday, November 8, 2012

7 Years of doing this means lots of different venues..

House One
 This was our work from our Cookie Caper we had on Valentines Day. With just cookies we were able to build 3 homes. Well cookies and some other art made for the event, yes we are small but we are mighty, just like David against Goliath.

Our Next Event, Our Holiday Charity Bazaar on December 8th from 9am to 4pm at our 116 E. Williams Rd, Columbus, OH Church.
Portion of proceeds will benefit St. Paul's Food Pantry and Buckeye Ranch. Please come and support this great event and make this a wonderful time for all.
Thank you.

House Two
House Three
We Will be having our bazaar again this year at our Church at 116 E. Williams Rd. On December 8th from 9am to 4pm. There will be many artist and crafters there and plenty of goodies to buy. Please stop by and support two more good causes, St. Pauls food pantry and Buckeye ranch.
One of the many Bazaars held at our new church
 Barb does 2 kinds of Buckeyes,wear..and eat.

Puppies, we remember you always.

Buckeyes, and much much more.

We have lots of ornaments and other gifts.

Unique items from artist

Keep warm with hand made Afghans.

French came to model

Going to other Churchs

we had lots of items

We had lots of fun

 glad to serve the public and help others

That tree still works, what a great buy

Angels are a big part of our church

One of the early years at the new building

Lucindas table

Aprons, for those who cook

Piece of art work at the first one, we had so much more.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Years Past...ahhh we have had fun.

We have been doing this for 7 Years, all kinds of events have been held from a "Cookie Caper" to raise funds for Haiti to Valentines cookies to feed the hungry. We do it all, and we love it.
Come down on December 8th and support us for the Holiday Charity Bazaar at 116 E. Williams Rd
we are giving a portion of the proceeds to St. Paul's Food Pantry and the Buckeye ranch, we will also have young people from the Buckeye ranch there and items they have made for sale.

Our coffee gang.

Tim, he has the little men in hand, and ohhhh they were so good, he is a wonderful cook. He also made Ice cream for our Ice Cream social we had during the summer, you need to hook up with us, we do allot.

Tim and his Partner Kevin, we have many couples who love each other at our church. Byron is Steve's partner, he is in the back ground.

We will be having our bazaar this year on December 8th at our 116 E. Williams Rd, Columbus, Ohio address. The video was made to help showcase what we will be doing and to help spread the word with a nice message. 

You can find more information about us at
or at New Creation on Facebook. You can also find more about some of special things we do by visiting our New Creation MCC on Facebook, New Creation MCC Next Gen or ArtUs4Others which are our outreach groups.

If you have questions about the bazaar email them to

It will be held from 9am to 4pm.
If you are a Crafter or Artist and would like to participate, contact us before November 15th.

Bazaar 2011

The people are arriving lots of crafts and art.
More beautiful Handmade crafts to choose from.

Lots of home made baked and candy

Hand Crafted Cards, for that special touch.

That one person, we have it.
Hand sewn aprons, dresses, best around.

We had hand made books.

rosary's and special gifts Grandma may want.
You still read books, we have book marks.

Yeah, we have that color, we have it all.